Women Indian Traditional Stylish Designer Silver Gungroo Fashion Payal / Anklet For Women And Girls

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    This silver ladies payal looks exceptionally good with all Indian outfits like suits, sarees and lehenga. Stylish and trendy, this pair of silver pajeb is suitable for girls and women of all ages. Even if you have a wedding to go to or a party to attend, you can pair this silver payal for women with your dress and look gorgeous! Grab a pair of these stunning feet anklets with ghungroo bells today! Some people refer to this silver traditional payal as Indian ankle bracelet, pajeb with ghungroo bells, or Indian style anklets jewelry. All these mean the same thing and this shinning silver traditional payal with bells is a perfect example of it. This Indian foot payal is appropriate for ladies, women, and girls. You can never go wrong with this latest design traditional latest design payal with ghungroo bells. You must buy a pair of this silver anklet jewellery for yourself and a pair of this fancy party wear ankle payal for your best friend, sister, or cousin as well. Whether you are eage

    Color: Silver
    Type: Anklet
    Material: Brass
    Country of Origin: India

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