Orange Disc Drop Gold Threader Earring Long Drop Chain with Small Pearl for Women, Mismatch Earrings for Womens, Girls

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    Earring, a personal ornament worn pendent from the ear, usually suspended by means of a ring or hook passing through a pierced hole in the lobe of the ear or, in modern times, often by means of a screwed clip on the lobe. An Earring is any kind of ring, stud, hoop, or dangling decoration that you clip on your earlobe or hook through a hole pierced in your ear. The Right Earrings can make you look all the prettier any day of the week. Earrings tended to go out of fashion when the wig, coiffure, or headdress obscured the ears.

    Color: Orange
    Style: Drop Earrings
    Material: Pearl
    Length: 7.0 (in cm)
    Country of Origin: India

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