Multicolor and Multicolor c Teardrop Meena Tassel Earring Combo 2 Earring set , Earring for women , Earring for sale

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    When we first started out, it was the passion for making handicrafts easily available everywhere, and this very thought drove us to create this Company, and also gave us the impetus to turn our expertise, hard work and inspiration into to a booming online store. Born from the belief that we should create to inspire and connect people, WE started its journey in 2021, with passionate and innovative change makers at the helm. Being a young start-up, our feet are firmly planted in India, while our sights are set on becoming a global brand. In a time where everything is machine made, we support the worldwide lsquo;Maker Revolutionrsquo; that is spreading the gospel of handmade. With design and craftsmanship at its core, WE redefines luxury through design intervention on rare crafts to create elegant and contemporary lifestyle decor. Earring,Earring set,Earring for girls,Earring sale,Earring combo,Earring for women.

    Material: Alloy
    Length: 10.0 (in cm)
    Country of Origin: INDIA

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